Version requirement

TemperBridge is supported on Home Assistant version 2023.2 and later. Please update HA to at least 2023.2 before purchasing and setup.

It may work on earlier versions but I cannot guarantee it. Also, regardless of what version of HA you are using, the ESPHome integration version needs to be at least 2021.9.0 since that’s when support for encryption keys was added.

Device setup

Please complete Initial Setup before proceeding. This section assumes your TemperBridge is powered up and connected to your WiFi network.

NOTE: If you followed “Method 1” of WiFi setup, you may have already performed the steps in this section.

If using a version of Home Assistant before 2023.2, you will need to install the ESPHome integration.

Home Assistant should discover your TemperBridge automatically. It will give a notification that looks like this:

If after 5 minutes Home Assistant has not discovered your TemperBridge, try restarting Home Assistant.

Click “Check it out”, then click the “Configure” button on the detected TemperBridge:

Click “Submit” on the popup:

Enter the encryption key from the info page that came with your TemperBridge, then click “Submit”. (If you have lost the info page, please contact us and we can send it to you.)

Finally, assign the TemperBridge to an area of your choice, and hit “Finish”: